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Educational Gifts for Kids

Educational Gifts for Kids Illustration

Created by our team of passionate educational experts, Mysteries in Time’s adventures are designed to be fun AND educational, so children won’t even realise they are learning.

Through a winning combination of fiction, non-fiction, hands-on activities, puzzles and more, children will be inspired to love history. Our adventures make excellent educational gifts for kids.

Begin the adventure with a Mysteries in Time subscription box for kids.

World History for Kids

Children will love sharing the fun facts from the attractive history magazine with you, which is written in short but informative paragraphs. Children will also be introduced to the historical facts in the fictional Max & Katie adventure story, which has been written and illustrated exclusively for Mysteries in Time.

Your young historian will also build up a strong chronological awareness by adding the timeline sticker to the timeline each month, while improving their geographical knowledge by locating a specific country, continent or ocean on the world map. Add to this a hands-on activity*, puzzles, a quiz, colouring-in and a surprise gift*, and your young historian will be fascinated by a new time and place each month!

* Bumper Box only

Educational Gift for Kids

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