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Elizabethan Era

Learn about the Elizabethan Era in the second adventure, which transports you back to the time of Elizabeth I. You will learn about the Tower of London, pirates, the plague, Shakespeare & more.

Begin the history adventure with a Mysteries in Time subscription box for kids.

Stories for Kids

Learn about the Elizabethan era for Kids in the Adventure Story

Elizabethan era for Kids Book Illustration

Max and Katie’s long summer holiday has just got exciting! Their next adventure takes them back to Elizabethan London, where two innocent people have been accused of stealing from Queen Elizabeth I. Can Max and Katie save them from torture by finding the real thief?

Join Max and Katie on their Elizabethan adventure through history as they learn about the plague, the Spanish Armada, the Tower of London, pirates and more!

Elizabethan era history fiction book for kids

Elizabethan Era Facts for Kids!

Max and Katie Elizabethan Era for Kids
Max and Katie visit the Elizabethan Era

For 600 years there were lions, tigers and many other exotic animals kept in the Tower of London.


Sir Francis Drake was considered a heroic sailor by the English, but he was just a common pirate to the Spanish!


William Shakespeare’s plays have been translated into around 80 different languages.


Learn more about Elizabethan History for Kids

Tudor Rose
Tudor Rose - the symbol of the Tudor family

The Elizabethan Era saw one of the most fascinating monarchs in British history, Elizabeth I. Her father was the larger-than-life Henry VIII, who is famous for having six wives and changing the course of religion in England; her mother was the fiery and doomed Anne Boleyn, who was beheaded when Elizabeth was just two years old.

Elizabeth never married, famously saying she was married to her country, prompting the nickname The Virgin Queen. The Elizabethan era is often called the Golden Age. During this period, Queen Elizabeth I gained great popularity in England for her success against the invading Spanish Armada and was celebrated as a strong and powerful monarch. Not bad for someone who never expected to be queen after being declared illegitimate by her own father!

Queen Elizabeth I
Queen Elizabeth I
(b.1533 - d.1603)

King Henry VIII

Henry VIII

Queen Elizabeth I’s father was King Henry VIII. He is famous for having six wives and for changing religion in England.

King Henry VIII's first wife never had a son, so he wanted to divorce her and marry someone else. Divorce was not allowed by the Catholic Church so he created an independent Church of England. The country now became Protestant, not Catholic.

He divorced two of his wives, beheaded two more, one died in childbirth and the sixth outlived him.

The Spanish Armada

The Spanish Armada

During Elizabeth’s reign, the biggest threat was from Spain, which was a powerful empire with a strong navy.

King Phillip II of Spain (who had been married to Elizabeth's half-sister, Mary) wanted a Catholic ruler on the English throne. He was also very angry at Elizabeth, because she allowed her sailors to steal treasure from his ships.

In 1588, he sent 130 ships to invade England. This is known as the Spanish Armada.

William Shakespeare

William Shakespeare

William Shakespeare is one of the most famous playwrights in the world. His plays have been translated into around 80 languages and are studied by school children worldwide.

Shakespeare wrote with a quill pen, which was a sharpened feather dipped in ink.

Shakespeare was born in 1564 in Stratford-upon-Avon, Warwickshire. He married his wife, Anne Hathaway, when he was 18 and had three children. Shakespeare died in 1616, aged 52.

Elizabethan Fashion

Elizabethan Lady

Fashion was very important to the rich. Materials were luxurious, skirts were large, and both men and women wore fancy ruffs around their necks. By the end of the 16th century, ruffs were so large that they used a round piece of card underneath to hold the ruff in place!

Ladies wore a corset, which was pulled tight at the waist. A frame made from reeds or whalebone gave the wide shape of the skirt. The gown was made of satin, silk or velvet. The sleeves were separate and attached to the gown with laces.

Visit Elizabethan History

There are so many wonderful places to experience this rich part of our history, both at home and abroad. Here are just some suggestions to bring history life.

Where will your adventures take you?

Royal Museums Greenwich, London

Old Royal Naval College Greenwich

Elizabeth I was born in Greenwich Palace in 1533. Sadly, the palace fell into disrepair during the 17th century and was demolished.

However, the same site now houses the Royal Naval College, which will make a great day out for the family. There is a large park with impressive views over London, as well as the planetarium and a maritime museum. You can also see the centre of Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) here.

Follow the link to learn more.

The Tower of London

Tower of London

Princess Elizabeth was sent to the Tower of London as a prisoner in 1554. She was accused of being involved in a plot against her half-sister Queen Mary I and imprisoned for two months.

Elizabeth’s mother, Anne Boleyn, had also been a prisoner here in 1536, before being beheaded on Tower Green.

The Tower of London is a fantastic day out. You can take a Beefeater tour and see the Crown Jewels.

Follow the link to learn more.

"I know I have the body of a weak and feeble woman, but I have the heart and stomach of a king, and of a king of England too."

Elizabeth I

"It isn't that life ashore is distasteful to me. But life at sea is better."

Sir Francis Drake

The Golden Hinde, London

The Golden Hinde

Sir Francis Drake was an explorer who is famous for his role in fighting the Spanish Armada, for stealing treasure from Spanish ships and for being the first Englishman to circumnavigate the globe.

You can visit a full-sized replica of Sir Francis Drake’s famous ship, the Golden Hinde, in London.

Follow the link to learn more.

The Globe Theatre, London

The Globe Theatre

There were several theatres in London that existed before the Globe, but this is the most famous.

Shakespeare’s plays were performed here to raucous audiences who regularly heckled the actors on stage. You can visit and even watch a play in a modern reconstruction of the theatre in London today.

Follow the link to learn more.

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